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JAQK Cellars by Hatch

I was recently reminded of an older project by a design studio – Hatch from San Francisco. Founded by Joel Templin and Katie Jain who started their company with the intention of spending 80% of their time on client branding work and the other 20% to work on their own ideas and products, with the first one of them being JAQK Cellars from 2009. There was an excellent two part interview on iso50 and grain edit a while back which is well worth a read.

As I’m sure you have guessed JAQK Cellars is a wine company co-founded by Joel and Katie with the winemaker Craig Maclean.

All design work was created entirely by Hatch, including sourcing of all materials, e-commerce website, gift boxes, apparel and a set of JAQK playing cards.

As you’ll see from the images a ton of research went into this and the result really shows. Fantastic illustration style, coupled with high quality materials is something I’m sure even non-designers can appreciate.

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